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Articles de recherche

Articles de recherche

Le fruit des travaux de recherche du Laboratoire ONH-SFAX : Publications et articles publiés dans des journaux scientifiques internationaux.

Blends of fresh olive oil and old olive oil: Characterization and quantification through chemical and sensory assessment

Changes in chemical and sensory characteristics of Chemlali extra-virgin olive oil as depending on filtration

Delta-7-stigmastenol: quantification and isomeric formation during chemical refining of olive pomace oil and optimization of the neutralization step

Detection of Chemlali Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Adulteration Mixed with Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, and Sunflower Oil by Using GC and HPLC

Detection of extra virgin olive oil adulteration

Effect of olive storage conditions on Chemlali olive oil quality and the effective role of fatty acids alkyl esters in checking olive oils authenticity

Enrichment of pan‐frying refined oils with olive leaf phenolic‐rich extract to extend the usage life

Extra-virgin olive oil and cheap vegetable oils: distinction and detection of adulteration as determined by GC and chemometrics

2-glyceryl monopalmitate in virgin and pomace olive oil during refining processes

Monitoring of Quality and Stability Characteristics and Fatty Acid Compositions of Refined Olive and Seed Oils during Repeated Pan- and Deep-Frying Using GC, FT-NIRS, and Chemometrics

Putative Markers of Adulteration of Higher-Grade Olive Oil with Less Expensive Pomace Olive Oil Identified by Gas Chromatography Combined with Chemometrics

Quality assessment of refined oil blends during repeated deep frying monitored by SPME–GC–EIMS, GC and chemometrics

Quality control of refined oils mixed with palm oil during repeated deep-frying using FT-NIRS, GC, HPLC, and multivariate analysis

Stabilization of refined olive oil by enrichment with chlorophyll pigments extracted from Chemlali olive leaves

Targeted authentication approach for the control of the contamination of refned olive oil by refned seeds oils using chromatographic techniques and chemometrics models

Characterization and Discrimination of Oueslati Virgin Olive Oils from Adult and Young Trees in Different Ripening Stages Using Sterols, Pigments, and Alcohols in Tandem with Chemometrics